This week, show us how being inclusive makes a team great.

Over the many years of playing sports, I have learned the concept of team and what it means to be a part of one. Generally, a team refers to a group of individuals coming together to reach a common goal. With a sports team, it would be winning against another team or a business team completing a project together. As a healthcare professional, I work independently to deliver outcomes; however, on the grand scale, I am on an interdisciplinary team with other health practitioners to reach a common goal for the client.

In terms of my experiences with playing on sports teams, I have noticed a lot of diversity and inclusion. I have also noticed that when my teams were successful, EveryBODY worked brought a unique skill set and embraced individual differences to achieve the end goal. For example, this is a picture of a time I played in a gay volleyball tournament with a bunch of amazing friends – a big contributor to the success on the court was because of our team’s inclusiveness of differing heights, body sizes, cultures, and beliefs.

For this week’s challenge, take a moment and look around, what does a team look like to you or your community? Take a photo, embrace the awesomeness in things that stand out from the norm. Good luck! Make sure you use the hashtag #PEB17, #PEBYVR and #PEBteam.

Project EveryBODY

Three events.  Engaging in others. PEB celebrates thriving communities that are inclusive and diverse.  Join us at PEBemployment, PEBlive, and PEBcelebrates.  And stay to tuned to see what other events PEB will be at.

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