#PEB17 #PEBshapes

This week, show us how shapes contribute to the diversity around you.

Walking in a park in Burnaby under the endless canopy of trees, through the path carved out by the foliage seemingly stepping aside for me, a clearing appears in the distance.  A clearing featuring one of the most familiar sites known to people young and old across the world.  Although no two are alike, with varying differences in colour, size, and layout, the familiar structure sitting on a bed of gravel created using shapes both common and obscure sits there ideal and quiet as it waits to be enjoyed.

From the basic triangles and rectangles to the more obscure squircles and annuluses it took a diverse group of shapes to create this gymnasium of joy, this smile factory, this memory maker.  To me this playground represents the result of diversity in our world.  A coming together of common and odd shapes, balancing, combining, fitting and working together to create a small world that creates tears that last a moment, smiles that last a day, friends that last a summer, and memories that last a lifetime.

For this week’s challenge, explore the classical and obscure shapes all around you.   Take a moment to explore these shapes, in combination or individually, and think about how it adds to the diversity in your life, and in your community. Good luck! Make sure you use the hashtag #PEB17 and #PEBshapes.

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