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This week, show us how companionship and diversity interact in your world.

One of the most interesting things I learned in my first year of gardening was the concept of companion planting.  Companion planting is all about creating plant communities that have mutual benefits to each other. It can be an organic way to protect your crops from pests or it could help improve pollination of fruit and vegetable crops.  I found it fascinating to learn for example that planting basil reportedly improves the flavor of your tomatoes, while the smell of certain herbs can be helpful in deterring pests, and the colour of certain flowers can attract pollinators.  For gardens to be healthy, they also suggest things like: avoiding monocultures, using tall plants and intercropping, in other words, encouraging diversity.  For this week’s challenge, I got down low, to the micro-culture of my garden to reflect on the diversity and importance of companionships.  Pictured here, the marigold, is a popular companion to many vegetable crops.  Take a look around you, what does companionship look like to you or your community(ies).

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