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This week, show us how talent & ability play a role in your life.

Talents come in many shapes and forms. Many talents are learned from our elders and passed down from generation to generation. Other talents seem to come naturally and the more we love to do them, the more we work towards developing them. I have always loved to create sketches and, this love for art has been passed on from my mother. I am always developing my artistic talent and I am motivated to do this through my passion for the arts.

Pictured here is one of my sketches. I find it most relaxing to sit and sketch and I often lose myself in the flow of creation. Art is my “happy place” and it is what I gravitate to when I want to express myself. This week’s challenge is to photograph talent. You may wish to capture your own talent or talent that you appreciate in the world around you. What talents do you have? Or, what talents in your community do you find amazing? Be sure to use the hashtag #PEB17 and #PEBtalent.

Project EveryBODY

Three events.  Engaging in others. PEB celebrates thriving communities that are inclusive and diverse.  Join us at PEBemployment, PEBlive, and PEBcelebrates.  And stay to tuned to see what other events PEB will be at.

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