#PEB17 #PEBbelonging

This week, you could show us things you feel belong together… or Don’t!
…or maybe what it takes for you to feel included in your community.

The welcome mat. Such a common and ordinary item, sitting in front of homes and business’ for years. Walking past this the other day made me think of our theme for the week of Belonging. What does it take to feel included in our community? Is it as simple as a welcome mat at a door? What if you were told that it’s okay to NOT fit in? What if we were actually encouraged to embrace what makes us unique and different. That what we bring to the table, albeit different, is awesome nonetheless.

This week, take a look around your world, notice what belongs together, and maybe what traditionally doesn’t or stands out. Take a photo, embrace the awesome in things that stand out from the norm.  Good luck! Make sure you use the hashtag #PEB17, PEBYVR and #PEBbelonging.

For this week’s challenge, explore the classical and obscure shapes all around you.   Take a moment to explore these shapes, in combination or individually, and think about how it adds to the diversity in your life, and in your community.

Project EveryBODY

Three events.  Engaging in others. PEB celebrates thriving communities that are inclusive and diverse.  Join us at PEBemployment, PEBlive, and PEBcelebrates.  And stay to tuned to see what other events PEB will be at.

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