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About Project EveryBODY Celebrates Live! 

Our Mission:  To provide and promote opportunities that highlight and                  showcase the talents of people of all abilities.


Our Goal: To celebrate the achievements that people of all abilities have made and to advocate toward creating a thriving community that is diverse and inclusive.


Held on December 3rd 2018, Project EveryBody Celebrates Live! (PEBCelebrates Live!) is the premier event in Vancouver to recognize and celebrate the UN Designated International Day of Persons with Disabilities.   PEBCelebrates Live! is presented by a collaboration of community and non-profit organizations who embrace diversity and inclusion. It is a celebration that showcases the talents of people of all abilities and  honours the achievements of people with diverse abilities and advocates for thriving communities that are both diverse and inclusive.

PEBCelebrates Live! is proud to participate in, and promote, the annual Inclusion Art Show and Sale  during the day of December 3rd,  while the evening program will include short films, dance and other exciting live presentations.  This event is free to the public and you will meet local artists who’s creative gifts and personal stories will inspire you. Whether it is done through; music, art, performance, comedy or something else, there is something for for EveryBODY at PEBCelebrates Live!.  Join us as we observe and celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

This event will also have VocalEye live description for people with vision loss. 



Check out the next ConnecTra Workshop!

Join the ConnecTra Workshop on Nov. 22, we’ll showcase the skills of some of our professional ConnecTra participants as they share their stories in forms of film, theatre, music, and writing.  We are celebrating and sharing their talents with those who attend. Our Guest Speaker Alexis Chicoine from ConnecTra’s Speakers Bureau will be sharing the story of her journey.  Refreshments and amazing company included!

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Celebrates Live!

PEB celebrates thriving communities that are inclusive and diverse.  Join PEBCelebrates Live! and help engage with others and the community.

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